Guest Post

Are you a fellow book review blogger? Yay! It’s so nice to meet you! Thank you for considering Roses in Ink for a guest post collaboration. Before we go any further, please take a look at the types of reviews Roses in Ink does and does not support, and keep in mind the book you’d like to review on Roses in Ink while considering these requirements.


What Goes On Roses in Ink

  • ROMANCE BOOKS – it is a romance book review blog after all.
  • Novels and novellas
  • Western romance
  • Paranormal/sci-fi romance
  • Young adult romance
  • Romance for mature audiences (generally have an “18+” advisement at the beginning of the book)
  • Dystopian romance
  • Books with romance attributes (I would consider books like Divergent on a book-by-book basis)
  • Books that are any combination of the above


What Does NOT Go On Roses in Ink

  • Non-romance books – as much as I may love them, they don’t fit on Roses in Ink!
  • Historical romance
  • Books that are not the first in a series only if I haven’t already reviewed the precursors (if I’ve already published a review on the precursor book, please feel free to send me the sequel!)
  • Books that support rape, abusive relationships, sexual assault, inappropriate behavior, or any other sexual or non-sexual crime
  • Plays
  • Nonfiction
  • Works that have no intention of ever being published


If the book you are keen on reviewing fits within the “goes on Roses in Ink” category, great! Keep on reading. If it doesn’t, let me thank you for your consideration and wish you all the best finding a guest posting opportunity. If you’re unsure whether your book is on the okay list, continue with your request, and we can discuss it.


What I Need From You

There are a few things that I need from you before I can agree on a guest post.

  • Your name
  • A short biography
  • A short biography of your blog
  • Your media kit
  • The name of the book you’d like to review

If that all goes well, we can move to the actual guest post. Here’s what I’d need then.

  • Your review of at least 300 words on the book
  • Plot summary of the book
  • An author biography
  • A short introduction to the book (how you found it, etc.)
  • Book cover photo
  • Author photo
  • 2 photos of the book, preferably flatlays with a white background (see my Instagram for ideas)

Please include whether you wrote the information above or whether you found it on the author’s website, as well. The post format can occur one of two ways: you can send me a complete post or you can send me the pieces above and I put it together in the format of the traditional Roses in Ink post. Don’t worry, you’d get an author blurb, too; it is your work, after all!


What Next?

That was a pretty lengthy list of requirements and instructions for a guest post, but I promise it’s not that complicated. It’s a fairly relaxed collaboration; I’m just excited you’ve chosen to work with me and Roses in Ink! If that all sounds good, go ahead and shoot me an email introducing yourself and your post. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours or let you know if that can’t happen. I can’t wait to hear from you!