Get Reviewed

Unfortunately I am not accepting review requests at this time, but please check back in later if you’re still looking to get reviewed. You can read over my review policies below, though, so you’re prepared when I’m accepting again.


What I Review

I do have some restrictions on the types of books that I read. Please read through them below and only continue with your request if your book fits within the guidelines. If you have any questions on whether your book fits or not, please continue with your request.

  • ROMANCE BOOKS – it is a romance book review blog after all.
  • Novels and novellas
  • Western romance
  • Paranormal/sci-fi romance
  • Young adult romance
  • Romance for mature audiences (generally have an “18+” advisement at the beginning of the book)
  • Dystopian romance
  • Books with romance attributes (I would consider books like Divergent on a book-by-book basis)
  • Books that are any combination of the above


What I Do NOT Review

On the flip-side, there are some books that I won’t review.

  • Non-romance books – as much as I may love them, they don’t fit on Roses in Ink!
  • Historical romance
  • Books that are not the first in a series only if I haven’t already reviewed the precursors (if I’ve already published a review on the precursor book, please feel free to send me the sequel!)
  • Books that support rape, abusive relationships, sexual assault, inappropriate behavior, or any other sexual or non-sexual crime
  • Plays
  • Nonfiction
  • Works that have no intention of ever being published


Still with me? Great! Now we can get to the fun stuff.


What I Need From You

Before we agree upon a review…

  • Your name
  • A short biography
  • A plot summary of your book
  • Good communication!
  • Why you want to be reviewed on Roses in Ink

After we agree upon a review…

  • A hardcopy or Kindle version (hardcopy preferred) of your book – this can be a published version or an editor’s version
  • The book cover, plot summary, author photograph, author biography, and social media links you’d like in the post
  • Any book trailers or, if your book has been made into a movie, the movie trailer
  • Patience! I am to review all books within 3 weeks of the time I receive the book, though the review publication date depends on the blog’s schedule. This will be fully discussed if I agree to review your book.


What You Receive From Me

This is a partnership, after all. These are the minimum points I’ll do for you through the book review.

  • An honest review of at least 300 words (most of my blog posts’ reviews reach over 800 words, though)
  • 1+ posts to the Roses in Ink Facebook page
  • 2+ posts to the Roses in Ink Twitter account
  • 1 Bloglovin’ post
  • Good communication and cooperation as to the timeline and what you want out of the review


What Next?

You’ve made it! The next step, after you’ve assure your book fits the requirements, is to send me an email with your name, biography, book’s plot summary, and goals for your review. I’ll do my best to reply to your email within 24 hours; if that won’t be possible, you’ll hear from me saying that. I can’t wait to hear from you!