The worldwide web is a huge place with tons of websites all looking for attention. It’s hard to make personal connections with people in such a big world. I, personally, love individual connections with other brands and bloggers, and I find no better way to make those connections than to collaborate with people.


Romance book reviews is a pretty specific niche for a blog, so I pulled some major inspiration for collaboration ideas from this post by Regina. Below is a list of ideas adapted for a romance book review blog that we could collaborate on. If any of those ideas spark your interest or you have an idea of your own, shoot me an email.


Ways To Collaborate Online

  • Guest post
  • Interview – I interview you, you interview me, or we interview someone together!
  • Round-up of favorite books as an opt-in incentive
  • Exchange of referrals and recommendations over social media, the blog, and/or our newsletters
  • Group Pinterest board
  • Link party
  • Ad space for ad space exchange
  • Snapchat takover


Ways to Collaborate with Physical Products

  • Book giveaway – Boss Babe runs circular giveaways on their Instagram, where you follow a group of people in order to enter the giveaway. That’s one way we could collaborate!
  • Creating and selling physical products (stationary, clothes, decor…the list goes on!)
  • Subscription box
  • Host a charity book drive
  • Host a photoshoot or film a video to create a book trailer


What’s Next

If you liked any of the above ideas or you have an idea of your own, get in contact with me! You can message me on Facebook or Instagram or send me an email, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If that won’t be possible, I’ll let you know that, too. I look forward to hearing from you!