2017 Reading Challenge

Just because it’s not New Year’s Day anymore doesn’t mean that it’s too late to make resolutions! Why not make one of them a goal to push outside your normal book boundaries and read a new and unique book each month? That’s where the 2017 Roses in Ink Reading Challenge comes in.


Each month brings forth a new theme of book to read. When you decide to join the challenge, you’ll be given exclusive access to a Facebook group. Members of the challenge can post about the book they read under that month’s theme to give you some recommendations and submit that they’ve completed that month’s challenge. Each month that you complete the challenge gives you an entry into the final prize draw at the end of the year. The more months you complete, the more entries you get! You can also earn an extra entry if the friend that you invite to the group joins, as well. See the form below for more details.


The monthly challenge themes are as follows, though they’ll be posted as reminders in the Facebook group:


Join the 2017 Roses in Ink Reading Challenge for an exclusive community of romance book lovers like you and a chance to win an awesome prize at the end of the year!



Because this is Roses in Ink, the challenges do apply to romance books. As much as we may love other genres, Roses in Ink is a community for the romance lovers. Please keep this in mind as you’re completing your monthly challenges and posting about them in the Facebook group.


By this point, you’re obviously convinced that this is something you absolutely have to do and tell all your friends to do as well. The next part is easy! Simply fill out the contact form below and you’ll be added to the Facebook group in no time! Thank you for joining the 2017 Roses in Ink Reading Challenge, and make sure to tell all your friends about it on social media with the hashtag #rosesinink.