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I joined Kate Tilton’s book bloggers list before Roses in Ink even launched to see if there were any unique blogging opportunities available for me there. About two weeks before my launch date, I got an email from Tarrah Anders, an author who had put her book out for review on the book bloggers list and who I had said “yes, me please!” to. She offered to have me review her book and interview her (make sure to download the interview at the bottom of the post!). I’m very excited to publish one of my first reviews through a collaboration with an author!


Frozen Over by Tarrah Anders - full review and author interview live now on Roses in Ink!


Frozen Over in 85 Characters or Less

Model falls for CEO of fashion company


Full Plot Summary

Tyson Maddox is confident, cocky and a playboy. He is also the CEO of Mad Designs, a company which he was born into, a revived fashion company in the city. With the upcoming launch of their summer campaign, Tyson takes notice of one of the models employed by his company. When circumstances arise to provide the perfect opportunity, he makes his move.  With her he is the open, caring and attentive one woman man. However, when he learns about a side job which she has, all is lost. If Tyson doesn’t get his way, then they’re done. Too bad, he’s miserable without her.


Allison Stafford was hired to become the face of Mad Designs for the new summer line. She’s beautiful and not afraid to eat doughnuts in public. When she catches the eye of the CEO, she doesn’t know how to interpret his affections. When they become an official item and Hell has Frozen Over, but it’s over before they know it, before the ice is fully thawed.


Allison & Tyson deal with their issues, until his past catches up with them and tries to pull them apart. Will they get the chance that they both need or will they be torn apart?



My First DNF

Ugh. In the book blogger world, we have a term called a DNF, which stands for Did Not  Finish. I’m very sad to say that Frozen Over was my first of those as a blogger. I’ve pushed through some books I wasn’t a fan of and a book like this would have normally taken me one to two hours, but unfortunately, I just couldn’t make it through this one. Therefore, this’ll probably be a bit shorter of a review than normal.


Past And Present Tenses

We started Frozen Over in the past tense. A few paragraphs later, we were in the present tense. A sentence or two after that, we mixed the two of them together! Bad grammar in a novel is one of the things that really gets on my nerves, makes me question the author’s credibility, and ultimately makes it harder to finish the novel. This was probably one of the most significant traits of Frozen Over that contributed to its DNF.


No Emotional Attachment, No Interest

This is probably my second greatest peeve in a novel: having no emotional attachment with the characters. For me, the plot nor the characters of Frozen Over reached out to me and snagged me, so I had no drive to finish the novel. It was almost as if I was playing catchup to find out why the characters were feeling the way they were or acting the way they did. For example, one minute Allison and Tyler don’t know each other, and the next he’s making out with her and she’s arguing with him over breakfast. Tyler’s cool character isn’t one of a Christian Grey type, but one of someone who wasn’t developed enough as a character.


That Being Said

Just because I didn’t like a novel doesn’t mean you won’t and it also doesn’t mean that the author didn’t put a LOT of hard work into writing it. I’ve been slowly working on a novel myself, and let me tell you, there’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into a story that isn’t even finished and probably has a lot of grammar and character flaws in it itself! Please know that it does pain me to give a negative review, but I recognize all you’ve put into it, Tarrah, and I hope my comments can help you as an author down the line!


Where to Buy

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Meet Tarrah Anders, author of Frozen Over - full review and interview live now on Roses in Ink!


Author Biography

I hate describing myself or introducing myself. But here we go. My name is Tarrah. Hi *Waves* Nice to meet ya!


I grew up in Northern California with two little sisters who were always getting into my things. I started early with writing poetry and short stories. Then, I decided I wanted to be a marine biologist until I realized how much math and science was involved. Then I went back to writing. I entered my poems in the contests you would see in Highlights Children’s Magazine and to literary contests, I did have a few supposedly published, but I never saw the proof.


My day job consists of being a social worker and housing the homeless like a superhero in street clothes, I also dabble in photography during the later parts of the year. When I’m not writing, I’m reading, doing things with the kids, creating a ‘honey-do list’ for my hubby, watching anything with Zombies, or watching Baseball.


I am a wife, a mama, a social worker, photographer and a storyteller. When I am not busy chasing around my 2.5 year old, I find the time to just be… and to just be is to do what you love doing.


I currently live in San Diego with my loving husband, only level is “GO!” toddler, a pre-tween, and our two fur babies who meow.


Fun Facts:

  • If I was an animal, I would be an elephant, but my favorite animal is a monkey.
  • I have no favorite color, it changes from season to season, right now its teal!
  • If I had it my way, I’d never wear socks or closed toe shoes!
  • I’m a SF Giants fan through and through!
  • I am a lover for Instagram
  • I’ve never met a cupcake that I didn’t like!
  • Tarrah isn’t my real name
  • My husband has no idea, I write these books, because he makes so much fun of me for reading smut.


Make sure to check out Tarrah Anders on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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