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Welcome to Roses in Ink! My name is Jess, and I’m so glad you could join me. If you’re a reader, a fellow blogger, or an author, you’ve come to the right place, the right community of romance book lovers. Decide for yourself which of the aforementioned people you are and scroll down some for where to start with Roses in Ink.


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Whether you’re just starting on your journey into the world of romance books or you’re a seasoned reader, I’ve got reviews for you. Take a look at the paranormal and mature audiences categories, or browse all of the reviews for even more books to read.


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Roses in Ink is always looking for new titles and new authors to review. Will you be next on that list? Please read over the review information before emailing to inquire about a review. Whether this is your first book or your hundredth, I want to hear from you!


If you’re not interested in getting reviewed, why not consider a collaboration? Roses in Ink frequently looks to collaborate with brands, bloggers, and authors in order to jointly gain exposure and credit in the online world. There’s a large list of collaboration ideas here or you can email with a suggestion of your own!


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I absolutely love working with other bloggers, both of the romance book review niches and of others. I’ve created a pre-made list of collaboration ideas, ranging from guest posting to joint giveaways. If one of those ideas piques your interest, go ahead and send me an email so we can talk further about the collaboration. If you’ve come to Roses in Ink with an idea already in mind, I’d love to hear about that, too! I’m flexible; I just want to work with you!


Work with Roses in Ink - consider a collaboration today!